Thursday, 20 November 2014

Endurance not Endure Once - This is what it is

Have mentioned this on my own page, am going to mention it here. Here's the deal.... This is a sort of an e-book but it's basically a pdf file and you can only read it on your computer. Is very short - around 6,800 words, and contains some writings of mine in the vein of 'Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run'; some stuff about plans for Grand Union Canal Race in 2015 and why I didn't do Thames Path 100 in 2014, about whether I think there are cliques within ultra running, first bit is quite political and is about the inequalities I see in life, why they upset me and why it's not too healthy to think that everything is awesome. Also includes an interview with Olympic marathon gold medallist Stephen Kiprotich, which is a preview of an upcoming book I'm close to finishing, and some writings I did in 2002 whilst riddled with insomnia that read like a modern day Marcel Proust.....kind of! Also includes some embarrassing photos! Now, the cost of this is £1.50 - I will e-mail you the file if you think it's worth this amount to read it. If you don't, you don't. The reason I'm selling this is quite frankly because I really need the money and I'm hoping £1.50 won't leave anyone else out of pocket, but if a number of people pay the £1.50 then they get to hopefully have an entertaining read, plus get an interview with someone who knows what it's like to win an Olympic marathon. What's more, I promise to pay back the £1.50 by paypal as soon as I can afford to. This will be on a first come, first served basis. All of this may make me seem like a nutter, but to be honest the horse already bolted long ago on that score, and so if you don't want to lend me £1.50 to read this then don't. If you do then that would help me more than you can possibly imagine. It's your call : ) .....

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