Thursday, 30 October 2014

Behind the spamming (a 5 minute explanation)

Ok, so inspired by a blog post from yesterday (in terms of style) and by some comments recently received (in terms of content) I will put across my side of the story in terms of why you may have seen so many posts about some book I wrote. I've pretty much stopped posting links in facebook groups about it now, but do post about it from my own pages because I can ......

* People read this and have heard my side of the story, and can take from that what they will

* People think I'm posting this for any other reason - I'm not saying people are wrong to criticise, that I've been hard done by, that I'm some kinda martyr for the self-employed or that this is a huge issue - have had some comments about it though, and so am just simply telling it how it is
*There are 400 comments with some people defending my actions and others lambasting them. There's no need for any comments really; if anyone has anything to discuss with me personally I'd be happy to do so via messages but not really on this post as that's not what I want it to be about

* I am self-employed; I have to be in order to live my life in the way I believe it's right for me to. I have deeply personal reasons for needing self-employment to be a success, which are more about other people than me. A fair bit of my income is from book sales, so I have to promote it
*Every time I posted on a group I wasn't thinking "Here, have some spam!" I was thinking "What can I do today to try and make enough money to pay for what I need to pay for? This is something that might help"
*I posted on groups that I thought were relevant to the subject matter of the book and so some people from them may find it interesting to read. If I posted on a group and made some sales through it I'd post on that group again at some point because I felt I may reach more people who might be interested. If I got no sales (or just one or two) through posting on a group I wouldn't post on it again, neither would I if it was a particularly specialised group. Am going to post very rarely on groups from now on if at all

So yeah, I could go on but that just about sums it up, and it would defeat the title of the blog if it was any longer now. Some people may read this and wonder who I think I am to write a blog all about something so trivial, but it was more in response to a feeling I've had lately that I've caused a lot of annoyance by doing something I never intended to cause annoyance with, hence the explanation. I would have got a can of spam and taken a photo of me holding it with a silly expression on my face but I can't justify spending the money even on a can of spam right now. That's it. Love you, bye!

PS - I won't tell you how to buy my book because clearly you already know if you're on the internet

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